The Dailies: September 15, 2008

- Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen to go “XXX” again, as Columbia Pictures puts second sequel, “The Return of Xander Cage,” on the fast-track. (Variety)

- An extended, catch it before it gets taken down, preview for “The Day the Earth Stood Still” pops up online. (Fan Blog)

- Things we lost in the fire: Universal Studios reportedly set to re-open King Kong ride – only this time basing the experience on Peter Jackson’s re-make. (Jim Hill Media)

- Jack White turns red (with anger) over use of his Bond theme in Coke commercial. (BBC)

- The literary world lost a true genius over the weekend, but could David Foster Wallace’s death propel an “Infinite Jest” movie to the big-screen? (CHUD)

- Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn meet under the mistletoe in trailer for “Four Christmases.” Bonus Jon Favreau action included. (Yahoo)