Jessica Biel, Catherine Keener Praise Director David O. Russell, Decide Not To Punch Him

It’s probably fair to say that more people know David O. Russell as the hothead narcissist George Clooney punched, than as the gifted filmmaker who directed George Clooney in “Three Kings.” But, then, that’s what happens I suppose, when you also a) verbally abuse a beloved actress in your movie to the point of inciting a mental breakdown and b) make a movie without the money to finish it.

But while the fate of that movie, “Nailed,” may be called into question, the behavior of Russell can’t be, stars of the flick told MTV News, painting a very different picture of the director than what’s appeared in most recent stories.

“He’s wonderful,” Catherine Keener said.

“I love him,” co-star Jessica Biel echoed. “He pulled such a bizarre cool interesting performance out of everyone. It was quite an interesting experience. David was amazing.”

What’ll be equally interesting, no doubt, is how the final film, a political satire Keener called “a screwball comedy” about the adventures of a brain damaged waitress in Washington D.C winds up, given the massive delays and stoppages in production.

“That was the only really sh--ty part. The shutdowns were killing us,” Biel said.

But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that the stoppages have inspired an attitude of perseverance in the cast, Keener insisted.

“This felt like it was happening despite all of the obstacles,” she said. “It felt like us against the man. We were like -- you cannot shut us down!”

If you could punch one director in the face, a la what Clooney did – who would it be? Sound off below.