Kevin Smith Wants You To Think He Didn't Direct 'Red State'

Kevin SmithKevin Smith isn’t just a director, but to a certain extent, a name brand as well -- a very visible and vocal filmmaker sought out as much for his thoughts on film (like his opinion of the new “Star Trek” or Superman) as he is for his films themselves.

He’s well-known and out there. But his greatest hope for his new horror movie “Red State”? Would you believe to disappear?

“The dream would be to have people watch the movie and flat out not believe that I made it,” Smith told MTV News. “To pull that off would be cool.”

A story partly about a religious fundamentalist in the vein of Fred Phelps, “Red State” will be a huge departure for the “Zack and Miri” director, a chance to dabble in a different genre than the one he’s known for. As previously reported, it will not include any of the director’s favorite faces from his View Askewniverse.

Which is sort of the whole point, Smith reiterated.

“I’m interested in doing it to see if I am a filmmaker after all,” he confessed. “If I can pull it off in another genre maybe I am a filmmaker. If it fails then I’m a dick and fart joke guy and I should stick to that.

"There are no laughs in it. It’s straight forward, creepy, unsettling horror,” he added. “I’m aiming high. I’m aiming at the unsettling ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ kind of vibe. I also want to throw in a little of ‘Race with the Devil’ which is one of my favorite scary flicks.”

Smith, bless his soul, tried this kind of genre departure before, and got ripped for it (“Jersey Girl”). Think he can silence the critics once and for all with “Red State”? Sound off below.