Colin Firth Says Coen Brothers Film 'Gambit' Not Happening

Photo by Matt Carr/ Getty ImagesReading the IMDB message boards for the Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Gambit,” a heist movie remake about two criminals out to steal a priceless antiquity, is just about the funniest thing imaginable, since every other poster is convinced the movie is about the “X-Men” character Remy LeBeau. It’s actually so egregiously wrong that it almost has to be parody right?

But how’s this for a laugh: An honest to goodness Marvel spin-off might actually one day make it to the big-screen before the Coen Brother’s film, given that, well, nobody’s actually MAKING “Gambit,” supposedly attached star Colin Firth revealed.

“No! It’s a complete lie. It’s been on IMDB and just sitting there,” Firth said of his rumored involvement. “The Coen brothers have written an absolutely brilliant script.”

For whatever reason, and despite the fact that the Coen Brothers are about as hot as possible right now with a recent Best Picture winner under their belt, nobody seems to be stepping up to the plate to film the movie, Firth sighed – probably because the Coens themselves don’t want to direct it.

“[‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ director] PJ Hogan came on and Ben Kingsley was attached to it. Then it was Sandra Bullock attached and then Jennifer Aniston,” Firth recounted. “They won’t direct it. It had a producer attached to it and no director.”

The original film starred Michael Caine and Shirley McLaine.

Any fans of the original film out there? Care to try to persuade the Coens to direct in the comments? If not them, is there a director you would like to see tackle the project? Sound off below.