Danny Boyle In Talks To Direct...A Musical?

Danny BoyleHe’s directed a horror movie, a science-fiction epic, heck, even a straight-up kids flick. Take a good, hard look at Danny Boyle’s filmography, and you’re sure to conclude that he might very well be the most versatile filmmaker around.

So should it come as any surprise that want he really wants to direct is…a musical?

“I think it’s the most difficult thing to do as a film [but] it’s the Holy Grail if you can do it [right]. I would love to do a musical,” the “Slumdog Millionaire” helmer told us in Toronto. “I’ve done on stage plays with substantial musical sections in it and I loved it. I love editing to beat and contradicting the beat. I’m useless on music technically but I know when some thing is good and not.”

Interestingly enough for something which sounds suspiciously like a pie in the sky pipe dream, Boyle admitted he’s actually already taken some preliminary steps to develop a musical with the English band I Am Kloot.

“I talked to I Am Kloot about doing a small musical - It would be original with the Kloot guys writing the songs,” Boyle confessed. “It’s very difficult.”

Regarding what the musical would be about, or what kind of style it would be shot in (if indeed it ever progressed beyond development), Boyle was mum. However, there may be a clue in Boyle’s answer to what his favorite recent musical is.

“I loved ‘Sweeney Todd,’” the director said.

Think Boyle should direct a musical next? Is there an existing property (stage show, adaptation) you’d like him to tackle, or would you rather it was the original Kloot idea? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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