EXCLUSIVE: Jason Isaacs Reveals Secret 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' Cameo

Eva MendesLast we left the treacherous Lucius Malfoy he was serving a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, exposed and captured by Dumbledore for being a Death Eater, sent to wait out his term until Voldemort breaks him out.

In "Half-Blood Prince," Dumbledore suspects that Lucius is secretly glad to be in prison after the debacle at the Ministry, where he failed to capture the fabled prophesy pertaining to Harry Potter and the Dark Lord. Maybe. But not happy at all about Malfoy's sojourn in prison is the actor who plays him, Jason Isaacs, who thought the fact that his character was absent from the book meant that he wouldn't get a chance to appear in the upcoming sixth movie.

"It absolutely killed me," he said of Lucius' disappearance.

It would take a strong bit of magic to turn that frown upside down. Luckily for Isaacs, Harry Potter has that in spades.

"I'm not [really] in the film [but] I did one day. I went in for a day," Isaacs revealed to MTV News of a secret cameo he gets to make in the movie. "I'm a moving portrait on the wall."

Isaacs wouldn't say when or where in the film the cameo takes place, and what would seem like the most likely candidates don't make much sense. We can obviously rule out Hogwarts proper. Spinners End? No, Snape wouldn't have a portrait of Lucius. Neither would Slughorn in his office. Draco in his room? What other location are we forgetting about? Where could Lucius appear? And what do you make of Issac's secret cameo? Sound off on your thoughts below.