EXCLUSIVE: Danny Boyle May Direct Second '28 Days Later' Follow-Up, Plays Coy On Setting

Danny BoyleJust like the diseased themselves, it seems like Danny Boyle's popular don't call them zombies horror movie series will keep coming and coming and coming, the director confirmed to MTV News.

Well, maybe.

"There's a bit of discussion going on about it at the moment," Boyle said of what I'm going to start calling "28 Months Later," the third in a series which began with "28 Days Later" in 2002 and continued with "28 Weeks Later" last year.

We wouldn't put it past Boyle to blow us away again, but for the life of us we can't figure out to continue a franchise which seems to acceptably conclude with each installment without becoming narratively ridiculous. Turns out, Boyle's not so sure either.

"I have an idea for it [but] I've got to present it and see what people think really because it might be silly really," he laughed.

What's the idea? Where's the film set? Boyle won't say, insisting that discovering his secret is "part of the joy of it, really."

On the matter of whether or not he would direct the film, though, the "Slumdog Millionaire" helmer was much less coy, admitting that "it was a possibility."

What do you think of "28 Months Later"? (name copyrighted MTV) What do you think the story should be about? How would you plan it without making it silly? And would you want Boyle to direct, or should he find another up and comer like Juan Carlos Fresnadillo? Sound off below.