Eva Mendes Plays Prostitute In 'Experimental' New 'Bad Lieutenant'

Eva Mendes

Rebuking all the early talk about "Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans," being a remake, star Nicolas Cage recently compared his character to James Bond.

All fine and good – but even James Bond never had a woman like this: "I play a character who is Nicholas Cage's love interest, and she is a working girl, she is a prostitute who is very damaged," Eva Mendes said of her hitherto secret character in the film. "I'm a prostitute so I'm a criminal in that sense, but it's kinda hard to explain. There's actually a very sweet love story between Nic's character and mine, in a very warped and dark, dark world."

Dark, but not despairing, pointed out Mendes, who said that the grim and brutal tone of the original film, it's violence and sexuality especially, will not carry over to Herzog's version.

"[The original was] very provocative and harsh for the sake of being provocative and harsh and in your face, and although I do have a provocative streak about me, it's never for shock value. I don't want to be shocked in any way," Mendes said, visibly shaking while talking. "Certainly there is nothing that I was in this film that was like that."

Mendes was much more coy when it came to spilling details on the plot of the film, except to say that it was a murder mystery in a post-Katrina world.

"I have no idea what we made in a way because it was so experimental," she said. "I don't know [what it's gonna wind up being]."

Our opinion on what it’ll be with Herzog directing? Good. But what about you? Aching to see a love story between Cage and Mendes? Looking forward to "Bad Lieutenant"? Sound off below.