'G.I. Joe' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Undergoes Transformation For Cobra Commander Role

Joseph Gordon-LevittWhile most of the cast of "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" has already been revealed in all their costumed glory, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's take on the fanatical Cobra Commander is one that's remained firmly mysterious. Now thanks to a new chat with the actor, we've managed to learn just a little more of what to expect when the film hits theaters in August 2009.

With a number of iconic costumes in his wardrobe, the look of the character has been first and foremost on the minds of fans. Gordon-Levitt confirmed to MTV News back in April that he does wear a mask, and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told us recently that it wouldn't be the classic hood. But while we've been busy speculating over what's covering his face, would you believe it's what's underneath that might be most surprising?

"The cool thing about my character was that it's not that digital," exclaimed Gordon-Levitt, revealing that he underwent significant changes to adapt to the role. "I get to put hours of prosthetic makeup on and see a different creature altogether. I've seen how he looks and it's really cool."

The transformation into a "creature" falls in line with di Bonaventura's comments to MTV that the film will tell the origin of a "very twisted" Cobra Commander and that the figure's gritty backstory will be shown in all its disturbing glory. In that interview, the producer also revealed that Gordon-Levitt will have his own take on the character's famous high-pitched screech from the 80's animated series. So what does the actor have to say about it?

"I love that voice [from the cartoon]," enthused Gordon-Levitt. "Chris Latta is a fantastic voiceover artist, but if you did that exact voice it would sound ridiculous in a live-action movie. I guess it's half Chris Latta and half me."

The vocals won't be the only thing inspired by the cartoon, but according to the star, the film is taking pains to carve out its own niche on the franchise. "Everything is different," he said. "I think it maintains the spirit of it and all the fun, but it brings the character into three dimensions. It wouldn't look good if you did an exact replica of the cartoon. You wouldn't want me wearing a skin-tight bright-blue dictator's uniform. It would look silly."

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