'Twilight' Tuesday: Peter Facinelli Talks Vampire Baseball

Peter FacinelliThree of my favorite things in this entire world are movies, baseball (Go Red Sox!) and the "Twilight" universe. So needless to say, I'm really friggin' excited about the one scene in November's movie that will combine all three.

This week's "Twilight" Tuesday focuses on the very cool Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen. While speaking with him, I got super excited when he revealed an ad lib he put into the baseball scene, revealing Carlisle's history of hanging out with Babe Ruth — and, much like myself, he cited the superpowered sequence as the moment he's most eager to see on the big screen.

"Personally, I'm hoping the vampire baseball scene will be really fun to watch," the actor insisted, saying that all those fastballs and leaping catches should jump off the page and onto the big screen. "I mean, you can only do so much with your imagination, when you're thinking about vampire baseball [and reading 'Twilight']. But actually seeing that and hearing the cracking of the bat? The super-vampire speed? That should be fun to watch."

Facinelli admitted that the "Twilight" movie team faced some obstacles condensing Stephenie Meyer's big fat novel into a 120-page screenplay. "Over 500 pages are in the book, so you can't fit every single detail in," he explained. "And some details will be different. Stephenie Meyer is very detail-oriented, to the point where she describes clothes in the scene! So, sometimes it's not going to be as detailed or as specific as the book. There will be subtle differences, but the essence is there."

And in moments like the beloved baseball scene, Facinelli promised that the "Twilight" movie will once again take pride in showing vampires in a setting that breaks the Hollywood mold. "I was pleasantly pleased that they stayed away from the stereotypes," he said of the series. "The fact that we're not even allowed to show fangs in the movie is huge, because it's not [expected]. As much as it is a vampire movie, it's really a love story too."

OK, Twilighters, here's your TT question of the week: If you could watch any scene right now from the upcoming movie, which one would it be?