Darren Aronofsky Hints 'Robocop' Will Take Place In 'Unrecognizable' City

'Robocop'When news leaked that visionary director Darren Aronofsky was about to shepherd a fourth big-screen incarnation of “Robocop,” fans of the character were simultaneously both excited and a little confused. Aronofsky? The guy who directed “Requiem for a Dream” and “Pi”? Just what in the heck brought him to the project in the first place?

Don’t bother asking Aronofsky himself, who is more difficult to decipher than the plot of “The Fountain” (zing!). When MTV News caught up with him at the Toronto Film Festival, all Aronofsky would say of what attracted him was that “it’s an interesting landscape.”

“But we've got to get a screenplay. We're deep in it,” he added. “But there's not much to say until there is a screenplay.”

We had much better luck talking to the film’s producers last month, when they told us, among other things, that the film wasn’t a direct sequel and that it would have a hard R-rating.

Aronofsky, meanwhile? Well, he did drop one little nugget. Asked where the film would be set – whether it would be Detroit again or some other American city, the director casually replied “I don't think it's set anywhere that's recognizable.”

Of course, it’s probable he wasn’t talking about a brand new city, but just a city of the future – which because of new advances in technology and other such nonsense isn’t really recognizable to people of today.

We’ve asked it before and we’ll ask it again: Is Aronofsky the right man for a “Robocop” re-boot? Since he’s being so coy, take this opportunity to let him know what YOU’D like to see in the film. Sound off below.