Jeremy Irons Discusses The 'Harry Potter' Role That Never Was

Jeremy IronsIt’s “a work release program for great British actors” Roger Ebert said of the “Harry Potter” franchise. So how can it possibly be that one of England’s greatest thesps, Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, hasn’t yet been offered a spot in the Order of the Phoenix?

Actually, he was, the 59-year-old revealed to MTV News.

“We talked once about one role but nothing ever came of it,” Irons said of an offer to appear in one of the "Harry Potter" films.

Of course, which one exactly is anybody’s guess, as Irons refused to elaborate on what film or character these discussions revolved around. Some roles, like Lupin, say, are pretty much beyond speculation – Irons doesn’t fit the mold. Still others he could work for are known to have gone out to other actors.

So who could it have been? Here, as Dumbledore says, we enter “thickets of wildest guesswork.” But I think, based on Irons’s age, his deep, sinister voice, his demeanor and look - that the role was probably Lord Voldemort or Lucius Malfoy. Probably, but I wouldn’t put money on either.

Ultimately, what’s past is prologue, though. We’re down to one film left to cast. Would Irons be interested in appearing in “Deathly Hallows”?

“I’ll do anything if it’s an interesting part,” Irons said. “I’m just an actor. I go to work.”

So let’s give him a part. Is there a role you’d like to see Irons tackle in the next film? And who do you think he was offered a chance to play before? Sound off on all your thoughts below. (And then join us for an extended casting call here).