'G.I. Joe' Movie Will Reveal 'Twisted' Cobra Commander; Mask And Menacing Voice Included

'G.I. Joe'We know Joseph Gordon-Levitt is excited for his role as Cobra Commander in "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra," but just what exactly can we expect from his take on the iconic character? While viewers of the cartoon know the figure as a more whimsical evildoer, fans of the comic -- used to a bombastic terrorist who entombed his own son -- are feverishly hoping their version of the Cobra leader is the one that makes it on-screen. Thankfully, it sounds like they'll get their wish.

"As we see it, he's a very twisted character," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura exclaimed to MTV News, telling us the key to Cobra Commander lies in his gritty past...and that we'll see every grimy piece of it. "As the backstory evolves, you discover why his personality [is like that]."

While stopping short of drawing parallels between Gordon-Levitt's PG-13 villain and that of Heath Ledger's terrifying Joker, di Bonaventura does find one noteworthy comparison. "I thought what was great in 'The Dark Knight' was that Heath kept telling you different stories [about his past] so you never knew what it was, and they were all spooky and crazy. [In our film] you get to see it, and you get to understand what's happened to this guy."

While the film will draw from the comics for inspiration, di Bonaventura revealed that there's one aspect from the cartoon that will carry over...the character's unique voice. While it won't exactly match the classic high-pitched wail from the show, the producer says Gordon-Levitt will leave his own vocal stamp on Cobra Commander. "He has an interesting voice. He definitely has a take-off on that. I actually found the voice a little weak in the show...I'm sure I'll get killed for saying that. I don't know, it always seemed kind of silly. Hopefully we're going to be a little more menacing."

And while the character is widely known for his blue mask, don't expect that to necessarily carry over in whole either. "We'll see Cobra Commander in the Cobra mask [but] it will not be like the show," said di Bonaventura, who also promised they aren't going to the comics for that one either. "I found some of the [mask] aspects a little KKK for me," he said, "so we tried to steer away from that image. We thought that might be a little much."

From everything you know so far, how psyched are you for the big-screen, live-action version of "G.I. Joe"? Let us know in the comments below.