Herzog's 'Bad Lieutenant' Will Reboot Character, Dial Down 'Judeo-Christian Programming'

Nicolas CageCall “Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans” what you will -- a head-scratcher, a leap of faith, a, gulp, bad idea – just don’t call it a remake, star Nicolas Cage said, quite literally echoing statements director Werner Herzog told Defamer this past June.

“It’s a new version of ‘Bad Lieutenant’ in a whole new place. [Herzog] connects it to Bond - like there was more than one Bond,” Cage told MTV News. “[I play] a whole new character. He’s nothing like Harvey [Keitel’s] character.”

Herzog has gone on record as saying that one of the things which most attracted him to the project was a chance to dabble a little in film noir. But while the style might be somewhat new for the legendary director, the underlying themes and questions will be anything but, Cage insisted.

“[The original] movie was a result of Judeo-Christian programming,” Cage said of where the two will most diverge. “This one is much more existential.” Thanks Nic, there goes my hope for more brutal nun rape.

But what of other sexual horrors? In the original, Keitel famously flashed little Harvey. Will Cage follow suit? Just how much time will he spend naked in the film?

“That remains to be seen,” Cage said, laughing heartily, refusing to divulge whether or not he would appear nude on-screen.

I won’t suffer fools who still question Herzog here. But would you rather he was making a different film – a film that could only be made because HE was making it – rather than what appears on the surface to be a slick studio flick? Looking forward to Cage’s performance? Sound off below.