'National Treasure 3’ May Head To New Orleans, Says Nicolas Cage

'National Treasure: Book of Secrets'You’ve stolen the Declaration of Independence, kidnapped the President of the United States, broken into Buckingham Palace, and discovered an ancient city of pure gold. How in the world do you possibly follow that up?

If you’re Benjamin Franklin Gates, the hero at the center of the “National Treasure” franchise you, well, umm – thing is, nobody quite knows exactly. But that won’t stop star Nicolas Cage from speculating. We know Cage’s quest will start on Page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets. But where will it end?

“There’s been talk about doing it in the South, maybe in New Orleans,” Cage -- currently starring in "Bangkok Dangerous" -- told MTV News about rumored locations for “National Treasure 3,” which, although not officially announced, is as certain as a sunrise. (Director Jon Turtletaub confirmed it as well in an interview in March).

Much less certain, of course, is what the titular treasure will be. According to an article on JimHillMedia.com published in February, early scuttlebutt around Disney HQ has the Gates family going off to Easter Island and beyond in the search for Atlantis. A Southern setting could also be used as an embarking point for any number of other treasures as well, of course, including such far out ideas as The Fountain of Youth and, I dunno, George Washington’s wooden teeth or something.

But whatever they ultimately decide on, though, count Cage in, the actor insisted.

“It’s the kind of character you can play forever, it’s not age dependent,” he said. “It’s a good franchise.”

Well, duh.

What do you make of the “National Treasure” gang possibly venturing to the South, maybe even New Orleans? Does it shed any light on what part 3 will be about? Sound off on your thoughts below.