Catherine Hardwicke, The Invincible Auteur Behind 'Twilight'

Catherine HardwickeNowadays, "Twilight" fans are certain that no other filmmaker but Catherine Hardwicke could have been trusted with turning their beloved novel into a movie. But as we here at MTV remember, she nearly didn't direct the movie – or any other films ever again, for that matter.

During our interview that makes up this week's "Twilight Tuesday," Hardwicke talks about how she becomes so immersed in moviemaking that she even calls the actors by their character's names. While shooting the underrated "Lords of Dogtown" a few years ago, the director got so deep into thought, in fact, that she suffered a dangerous accident.

"Everybody thought she was dead," Nikki Reed told us at the time. "It was horrifying."

While setting up a "Dogtown" shot with such actors as Emile Hirsch and Heath Ledger, Hardwicke backed herself over the edge of one of the empty swimming pools the film's skaters called home. Falling more than ten feet onto concrete, the director knocked herself unconscious and, as her frequent leading lady told us in 2005, Hardwicke was sent to the hospital.

"She was so determined to finish everything," said Reed, who once again works with Hardwicke in "Twilight". "As soon as she hit her head, she was in the hospital. She called me the next day [and] was like, 'Nikki, I'm going to be back up directing tomorrow, we're going to be back up. ... I'm going to be directing from my hospital room."

On the "Twilight" set, the director was happy to report that the only bodily harm to occur was happening with the vampires. "I have not fallen down," Hardwicke winced. "Nobody has pushed me into a pool. So far on set, so good."

In fact, the most gruesome occurrence to befall Hardwicke this time around was her elderly mother's pre-production revelation that, like so many others, she finds Stephenie Meyer's hunky vampire to be dazzling. "Every person I talked to that read the book was crazy about 'Who's going to be Edward?' " remembered the affable director. "Even my mom, who's like a bit too old to be going out with Edward! She was like, ‘Edward! You've got to get the right Edward!' "

Okay folks, I can't wait to see your responses to this week's Twilight Tuesday question: Does your Mom have a crush on Edward? And if so, is your Dad anything like Stephenie Meyer's hunky heartthrob?

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