BREAKING: Sam Rockwell Joins 'Grace Is Gone' Director's Basketball Movie

Sam RockwellRun faster, jump higher, shoot more, shoot less. There's a lot of ways to become a better basketball player. Sam Rockwell now knows 'em all, the "Choke" actor laughed, revealing to MTV News his plans on starring in an upcoming sports movie.

"I'm researching a basketball movie. I play a basketball coach," he said. "It's a dramatic film about an alcoholic basketball coach and this girl's high school basketball team." The still untitled film will be directed by "Grace is Gone" helmer James Strouse, Rockwell further confessed.

Sports movies take many sizes and shapes, of course, and have as many tonal variances as the Bible's got Psalms. So this baseketball movie – is it inspirational? Comic? True to real life? Something else?

How about all of the above, Rockwell said.

"It's kind of like 'Bad News Bears' meets 'Half Nelson' meets 'Hoosiers'" Rockwell said of the film's tone. "[But at the center is this] great character. [In preparation] I'm learning about basketball and Bobby Knight."

If that means chair throwing, tantrum having, venom spewing fun for Rockwell, then I'm all in.

What about you? Is Rockwell a good fit for the world of sports movies? Think the basic set-up is a good idea? Want to play a game of one-on-one? Sound off below.

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