Lindsay Lohan Joy To Work With, Says 'Labor Pains' Co-Star Kevin Covais

Lindsay LohanThere are a lot of things you could call Lindsay Lohan. Heck, she’s heard ‘em all. But what does co-star Kevin Covais call the once and future tabloid queen? “A sweetheart! Very personable,” Covais said of Lohan, his co-star in “Labor Pains. “I think it’s important that people recognize that. She’s really great.”

“Labor Pains,” in which Lilo stars as an office worker who fakes a pregnancy in order to avoid getting fired, is the actress’s first venture into straight out comedy since, well, probably since “Mean Girls” all the way back in 2004. While that movie was an unqualified success, the intervening years have not been kind to Lohan’s career. Much of that, of course, is nobody’s fault but her own, her admitted drug abuse causing problems on films like “Georgia Rule,” where she was reportedly late for work on several occasions or otherwise not prepared.

But that was the old Lindsay Lohan. The new?

“Always on time. And when they would call action she always had a way of sparking,” Covais insisted. “If people just get the opinion that she’s cold or she’s tough to work with – it really wasn’t like that. I don’t know how she was on previous projects or whatnot, but I know for a fact that if there was any trouble on past projects with her she really did step up her game for this one. She did a great job.”

If Covais seems like he’s idolizing Lohan, well, it may be that he’s just still in character. The former “American Idol” finalist, who said he plays “Greg, the annoying office intern, the pest in the office that nobody can stand,” spends the course of the flick hitting on Lindsay’s character, he said.

“There’s a particular scene where I offer myself to her. I offer my help with the situation with what we all think she’s going through. So I kinda throw myself to her, that people are really going to enjoy,” Covais revealed, laughing. “The scene where I’m devoting myself to her - I got to live out what plenty of people would love to do for real!”

Really? Would you? Are you looking forward to Lindsay’s return to comedy? Think “Labor Pains” sounds like a winner? Sound off below.

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