Are You The Ultimate Fanboy? MTV's 'True Life' Wants To Hear From You!

MTV True LifeAre you the type of hardcore fan that not only dresses up for conventions as your favorite comic, anime or video game character, but laughs at others who have less-than-accurate costumes? Do you camp out in front of theaters for movie openings, toy stores for video game releases, or at convention halls just to be in the front row for a panel? Do you hope to one day be the next Jim Lee or Grant Morrison, and are willing to pursue that dream at all costs? And does your family and loved ones look at your lifestyle like you're crazy?

If so, then MTV's award-winning documentary series "True Life" wants to hear from you!

MTV's "True Life" is currently accepting applications for its upcoming episode, "True Life: I'm a Fanboy," where they will document the day to day lives of dedicated followers of comics, anime and video games. For more information, check out the application here for more details and then e-mail with your story.