EXCLUSIVE: Colin Hanks Tackles Rise-And-Fall Of Tower Records In New Doc

He’s been hinting at it for months, but in every interview he’s done on the topic, Colin Hanks has refused to divulge the super-secret topic for his upcoming documentary.

Until now.

“I'm now able to say that it will be a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records which was started in 1960 in my hometown of Sacramento California,” the famous scion told MTV News. “We started shooting some footage and interviews and we'll probably continue for the next year. It's going to be a long process.”

The Tower Records arc is actually a formula familiar to any fan of musical biopics – a meteoric rise followed by a precipitous crash, Hanks pointed out.

“It’s about this really amazing company that started in sleepy Sacramento California and ended up becoming the predominant music retail chain in the world and then kind of disappeared,” Hanks said of the arc of his film. “It's about the history of the company and the changes in culture in that time and the unfortunate chain of events that led to its demise.”

Indeed, Tower Records, which used to dot the worldwide landscape with their retail outlets, filed Chapter 11 in August 2006. It was their second declaration of bankruptcy and signaled the end of the corporate giant in America. (Some international locations still operate). Their demise was attributed to both over aggressive expansion as well as a change in the way most people listen to music, among other factors.

Founded in 1960 by Russ Solomon , Tower Records was an influential music giant for most of rock and roll’s history. So it would make sense that Hanks is already eying some famous rock and rollers to help tell his story.

“We have a wish list of musicians and we'll be getting into that shortly,” he revealed. “Right now we're just focusing on the people who were instrumental in Tower's creation and expansion.”

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