Living The Hollywood High Life With 'House Bunny' Star And All-American Rejects Frontman Tyson Ritter

By Dave Harrison

Being a movie star sure seems easy. Free screenings, hanging out with other celebrities and parties at the Playboy Mansion are just part of a day in the life.

Well, this ascent onto the silver screen is something Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects is just getting used to. And let me tell you, after spending several hours on Ritter detail at the premiere of "The House Bunny" (which marks the head Reject's film debut) I found out firsthand that superstardom does take its toll ... on your patience and endurance, at least. But you would never know our little outing in Westwood, California, was Tyson's first premiere, as he handled the evening — Playboy Mansion and all — like a true veteran.

So for those of us out there who have never walked the red carpet, sat next to Bruce Willis in a screening and then partied it up with Hef and friends (I think I speak for a lot of people out there), I now present you with my first time, courtesy of my fellow (more prominent) premiere newbie, Mr. Ritter.

Typically when it comes to movie premieres, we rack up interviews on the carpet, and then it's a wrap. This time was a little different, as our goal was to capture the excitement, chaos and bewilderment of a rocker from the Midwest promoting his first movie role, direct from his point of view. From limo drop-off at the theater to being fished out of the grotto with a pool net as the sun comes up.

Step number one is the carpet. We squinted our way past dozens of photographers jockeying for the best photo of Tyson and his bandmates. From somewhere on the other side of the wall of flashbulbs, people were screaming at me to get out of the way. Phew, we made it. Continuing through the fluffy, pink gauntlet, Tyson began to make "the rounds" with all the interviewers. It astounded me how many times somebody can explain how great it was to work with Anna Faris without feeling ridiculous. Around the 10th interview, Tyson admitted that he felt ridiculous.

Step number two is the screening, a much-needed break. The Rejects took great pride in finding out their seats were better than Bruce Willis'.

And, of course, step number three: the afterparty. Tyson's eyes were as wide as dinner plates as we approached the building that every male has dreamed of visiting since he was old enough to hide Playboy magazines from his parents. Tyson and his bandmates exchanged many porn-related jokes that shall not be reprinted here (use your imagination), and we were greeted by the Playmates upon exiting the limo. And I hate to build up the most Hollywood night in my life only to end it here, but it was at this point the All-American Rejects and I said our goodbyes. Only celebrities are allowed inside the Mansion's front doors. Whatever, I'm satisfied having even stood in the entryway.

But hey, Tyson, it's cool. I understand that some people play rock music, hang out with beautiful women and star in movies for a living. Some people also write blog entries for a living. I mean, some people (read: me) would argue the two career paths are equally prolific, and now that you've given me a taste of your newly developed movie-star world, feel free to swing by my desk anytime you want. I'll show you my ergonomic keyboard and my awesome new swivel chair.