'Terminator Salvation' Secrets Lie Within Film's Title, Says McG

'Terminator'When a fourth “Terminator” film was announced, fans wanted to know about plot, about the characters, about nods and winks and allusions to the first three films, all boiling down to the essential question: What in the heck is going to happen to John Connor?

In all our searching, however, I seriously doubt anyone took a good, hard look at the title. Maybe we should have, director McG hinted to MTV News, telling us the title “Terminator Salvation” holds a key to deciphering the plot.

Broadly, of course, the title makes sense the same way “Judgment Day” made sense for the second film: on a worldwide scale -- Judgment Day being shorthand for the apocalypse, etc, etc. So after the Judgment comes the salvation, the redemption from the sins of our collective past. Man created the robots, the robots destroyed man, and now man needs to be saved from his own creations. Got it.

“Even though we may sin, ultimately we deserve a second chance,” McG echoed.

But just as “Judgment Day” also alluded to the choice a Terminator must ultimately make, “Salvation” similarly alludes to the actions of one specific character, McG said.

“Sometimes life is worth living when you make sacrifices so others may benefit,” he teased.

The question is, though: which one? Is it John Connor? A Terminator? Kyle Reese? Kate Connor? Marcus Wright?

Darned if we know. So we’re calling on your input: How could the concept of salvation tie into one of the above characters? What could be the consequence (beyond the simple reality of killing robots) that they need saving from? Sound off below.