Tyrese Gibson Definitively Answers 'A-Team' Questions

TyrsesYesterday, our friends at Latino Review ran a story about Tyrese Gibson, in which the singer turned actor confirmed he’s committed to starring in a potential “A-Team” movie, more or less reiterating statements he originally made to CHUD’s Devin Faraci last May.

Interestingly, though, Gibson didn’t mention whether or not he was up for B.A. Baracus, the character made famous by Mr. T, or some other role, leading LR’s George Roush to speculate that he might be in the running for Templeton “Faceman” Peck instead.

Tyrese Gibson pities the fool that speculates.

“It’s B.A. Baracus,” Gibson confirmed to MTV News. “I haven’t officially signed on — everything is still on standby — but the conversations coming my way feel right. I’m gonna try to put my touch on [the character]. I mean, I got the muscles!”

The good news is that Gibson and director John Singleton have been “brainstorming about different ideas to make [the character] right,” he said, by updating him for the 21st century. The bad news is that apparently means the same thing to Tyrese as putting flames on Optimus Prime.

No, seriously.

“I think at the end of the day, you wanna take all the elements that work and take your hands on something new,” he answered in response to whether or not he would sport T’s trademark bling and Mohawk. “Optimus Prime has some flames or stripes [added]! I don’t think B.A. will be pissed if we decide to change it up a bit.”

So should “The A-Team” ever get made, we know it’ll be with Tyrese as Baracus. But what to make of his update? Should B.A. sport the chains and Mohawk? Or would that be ridiculous in a modern story? Sound off below.