Ludacris Goes Bad Cop, Squares Off Against Mark Wahlberg In 'Max Payne'

Chris 'Ludacris' BridgesIf you’re filming an interrogation scene these days, you'd better hope it can match up with the Joker versus Batman, who in “The Dark Knight” officially raise the bar on the old tried and true good cop/ bad cop routine.

Call it a challenge met and exceeded, Ludacris told MTV News of a similar scene in the upcoming “Max Payne,” where the artist sometimes known as Chris Bridges gets to have his way with Wahlberg’s good cop turned vigilante.

“I’m the internal affairs investigator, Jim Bravura, and I’m just hounding Max Payne. Crazy thing about that is, whenever you see Mark Wahlberg, he’s usually playing those dominant characters, so this is the time I’m the one who’s dominant,” Ludacris said of his favorite scene in the upcoming video-game-to-movie adaptation. “I get to hound him. Trust me, it’s the best scene in the movie when I’m hounding the hell out of Mark Wahlberg because I’m the boss.”

In “Max Payne” -- and especially in “Max Payne 2” -- Bravura is a tangentially important character, the guy who eventually arrests Payne at the end of the first game, for instance, but one otherwise not glimpsed all that often. He’s also an old white dude with glasses.

As if it weren’t obvious from the casting alone, Bravura will be much beefed up for the movie, Ludacris said.

“I’m on Max Payne’s heels the entire movie just trying to figure things out. As he figures things out, I’m kind of figuring things out too,” he said. “He’s bossing other people around. A lot of guys in the force don’t like him just because he’s always one step ahead of them. I love playing those aggressive roles.”

Is Luda the right guy for the video game character? And, just for fun, what’s the best movie interrogation scene ever? Sound off below!