Robert Culp Schools Us On Calling The 'Greatest American Hero' A Superhero; Plus Cameo Talk

I've lived through deadly earthquakes, armed robberies, South American protest rallies and the time my kitchen caught fire, and none of those compare to being on the receiving end of Robert Culp. The 78-year-old actor is legendary for his sardonic barbs and observations, so -- as a huge fan -- I count myself lucky to have triggered his half-joking ire during an interview to discuss the upcoming "Greatest American Hero" comic book and animated webisodes.

So what lead to my skewering? Well, I referred to "GAH" as a superhero franchise...something that Mr. Culp takes exception to. Find out why in the video below and then tell us if you agree. And here's a related exclusive tid-bit...according to co-star Connie Sellecca, the trio (including of course star William Katt), have been offered cameos in the "GAH" feature film that showrunner Stephen J. Cannell is developing.

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