Mike Myers Joins Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards'...Er, Is Anyone Else Concerned?

Mike MyersA new offering from Quentin Tarantino is still a special event for me. They're few and far between but I can count on one hand the number of filmmakers with the confidence and talent to back it up like QT. The guy doesn't make a wrong move (okay, maybe "Death Proof"?) but I have to say, with each passing casting announcement on "Inglorious Bastards" I shake my head in confusion a little more vigorously.

Variety is reporting that Mike Myers, the Love Guru himself, will be joining Tarantino's WWII ensemble. "Myers will play British Gen. Ed Fenech, a military mastermind who takes part in hatching a plot to wipe out Nazi leaders," writes the trade. Um...okay. I guess if anyone can reign in the master mugger it's Quentin? Right? RIGHT?

I don't know. Let's take stock of where we are now for "Inglorious Bastards." Brad Pitt in the lead? Swell. A movie star and a thoroughly entertaining actor. Eli Roth? Um...okay moving on...Simon Pegg! Great. Can do no wrong. B.J. Novak of "The Office"? Oy. Nastassja Kinski. Sure, why not. "Inglorious" has already been a rollercoaster ride for me and there hasn't been a frame shot.

What do you think of the casting so far? Does the Myers movie inspire confidence or dread for you?