So You've Read 'Breaking Dawn,' Now What? Plus: Congrats, Larry!

Larry Carroll and the 'Twilight' cast (in cardboard form)By Sabrina Rojas Weiss

First, an announcement: This week, the "Twilight" universe welcomed a new member to its family, and we're pretty sure this one isn't going to be drinking blood or causing a major political rift in the immortal world anytime soon. Larry Carroll's wife Carrie gave birth to their son Jack on Thursday evening, and mom and baby are doing fine! Everybody send in your congratulations to the happy family here. And relax, most of your "Twilight" news will still be coming from Mr. Awesome, though you'll also have to put up with some coverage from me and the rest of the MTV News team for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, over at, we have Stephenie Meyer's reaction to the apparent backlash to "Breaking Dawn." Personally, I hate to see people hurt her feelings so much. But everyone's entitled to express their opinions, so please continue to do so.

Whether you loved or hated "BD," I'm sure many of you are struggling with the same thing I am now that I've finished it: What do we do now? Other than read it again and read every scrap of news related to the movie while counting down the hours to December 12, I mean. I'm kind of in a daze now, constantly replaying the events of the entire series in my head over and over, and I'd like to snap out of it soon!

So what are you doing, Twilighters? Writing fan fic? Creating new Spunk Ransom blogs? Reading (gasp!) other books? Staring into the eyes of your newborn child? Let us know how you're coping here!