Joan Allen Hopeful For 'Bourne 4' But Currently Uncommitted

Joan AllenEarlier this year, Universal announced that a fourth installment in the “Bourne” franchise was officially a go, with Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass both on board. So how come neither of them have called Joan Allen?

Probably because the actress herself isn’t even quite sure her character needs to be in the movie.

Allen, who starred in the last two Bourne pictures as intelligence officer Pamela Landy, really, really wants to return to the franchise, she told MTV News, but only if it gives her an opportunity for a new twist to her already complicated relationship with Jason.

“I think it would be great [to be in ‘Bourne 4’] – I hope I am,” she said. “But it really depends on where Jason goes. I mean it's really more about him than her. I think depending on what they decide for him would determine whether Pamela Andy can fit into that scenario or not.”

As of now, it could go either way, Allen said, insisting that she hasn’t heard word one way or the other.

So we’ll throw it out to you: Would you like to see Pamela Landy make a return to the franchise? Or do you think her character’s arc has run its course? If so, what new challenge would you want Bourne to tackle next? Sound off on your thoughts below.