Eli Roth Is In Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards,' And Leonardo DiCaprio Is Out?

When I read the headline this morning that a Roth had been cast in Quentin Tarantino's long-delayed but now seemingly close-to-happening WWII flick, "Inglorious Bastards," I assume I wasn't the only one who jumped to the conclusion that the story concerned Tim Roth. After all, the "Reservoir Dogs" star has been rumored to be in the flick for years. But no, this morning we've learned that the first Roth to hop aboard this one is in fact Eli, the director of "Hostel." I guess it's not a complete surprise. Roth has acted before, most notably for Tarantino himself, in "Death Proof" but still, was this the next big casting announcement we were all anxious to hear about?

Meanwhile Variety says that those rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio joining the cast are not going to turn into reality. "Tarantino had planned to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of SS Col. Hans Landa, only to decide that the role should be played by a German actor," says the trade.

Even without DiCaprio, "Bastards" is sure to have plenty of starpower. According to Variety, "Brad Pitt is still in talks to play Aldo Raine, leader of a rogue band of Jewish-American soldiers who wreak havoc on the bad guys in Nazi-occupied France."

So if not Leo, who? Who would you like to see Tarantino team with in "Inglorious Bastards"? Over the years everyone from Adam Sandler to Michael Madsen have been rumored. What do you think?