Sam Jackson Eyes Andre 3000 For Lead In 'Afro Samurai' Movie

'Afro Samurai'A few years ago, I went to Comic-Con and couldn’t escape the fact that Samuel L. Jackson’s “Afro Samurai” was being hyped as the next big thing. This year, a new season and a video game were being hyped, and it was obvious that the show had indeed become the big thing. Next year, could we be talking about a live-action film starring a certain OutKast rapper/actor?

“We have a live-action plan,” Jackson revealed, saying that he wants to see Afro’s battle with Number One up on the big screen with flesh-and-blood actors. “Hopefully, that script will come together and we’ll be able to do that in the next two years or so.”

On the TV Show, Sam the Man is an executive producer and the voice of the high-kicking Samurai warrior. In real life, however, the 59-year-old actor revealed to us that he’ll let someone else play Afro.

“No, I’m not; I won’t be doing that,” he shrugged. “I’ll be the dead father. I’ll show up in some spiritual scenes, and give him some guidance. We’ll find some young guy that is capable of doing all those things and make it really cool.”

Asked who he wants for the flick, the producer responded: “You know, when I look at him, I see Andre 3000,” Jackson grinned. “So, maybe so.”

Stick with MTV News, as we’ll be sure to ask Andre for his thoughts next time we speak with him. But in the meantime, Jackson insists that he’s making the “Afro Samurai” movie a priority, since even after such high-profile films as “Pulp Fiction,” the “Star Wars” movies, “The Incredibles” and all the others, Afro still holds his own as far as fan desirability.

“’Afro Samurai’ is an interesting hybrid we did, hoping that people would like it, and people embraced it,” Jackson marveled. “It just kinda happened. And now I’m walking down the street and people are asking me about ‘Afro Samurai.’ When’s it coming back? When’s the game coming out? Apparently, it has resonated with a lot of people as well as it did with me when I first saw it.”

Do you think Andre would make a good Afro? If not, which actor would you cast in the role?