You Have 'Breaking Dawn' Questions, Stephenie Meyer Will Have Your Answer

Breaking DawnBy now you’ve waited in the weekend’s long lines, participated in all the chaos , and had time to read and digest all 754 pages of "Breaking Dawn." And 1.3 million of your closest friends have done the same.

But before you continue blissfully into your small but perfect piece of forever, get a load of this: You’ve got questions, and MTV wants to help you get the answers.

We’ve just published Part II of one of the final interviews Stephenie Meyer gave before she released "Breaking Dawn." In it, she makes such statements as: "I really had a lot to do with this cover. But, I think when I can finally explain what it means, people will be like, ‘Oh yeah, okay’."

Well, later this week Stephenie is going to swing by our L.A. studio to give us one of her first post-publish interviews. She’ll finally be free to explain that cover - as well as everything else in the newest "Twilight" book.

So, while everything is fresh in your mind, we want you to submit your questions for Stephenie in the comments section below. Pretend for a moment that you’ve just closed the book, looked up, and the Queen of Twilight herself is sitting in the room with you. What would you say to her? What questions would you ask?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t finished the book yet, I’d recommend you not go any further down this page. And really…what’s taking you so long?!?