One 'Twilight' Fan -- And MTV Staffer-- Has Night To Remember At Stephenie Meyer Concert Event

By Nicole Guanlao

I’m crushing on fictional characters. So what if one is a tall, dark, and handsome guy with a temper who morphs into a werewolf, and the other is a “vegetarian vampire” who runs really fast, hears people’s thoughts, and sparkles in the sun?!

As a huge fan of the “Twilight” saga, imagine my utter elation when I was approached with a ticket to attend Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” Concert Series, which took place last night at the Nokia Theatre (read all of our "Breaking Dawn" release coverage here). After the hyperventilating was over, I started to fantasize about how awesome it would be if Stephenie Meyer introduced us to the real life Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. With that thought, I hyperventilated some more.

Of course, I eventually snapped back to that horrible thing called reality, but I was still extremely excited to get the chance to mingle with fellow Twilighters, hear from the super talented Stephenie Meyer (I owe her many sleepless nights of page-turning heaven and giggle-fests), and watch a performance by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. THAT is what I call a great night.

As I walked to the Nokia Theatre, I spotted a line of Twilighters who donned homemade Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts.

How long were these Twilight fans waiting out here? I decided to go to the front of the line where I met 23-year-old Joanne McIntosh. Her presence was hard to ignore because (a) she yelled the loudest and (b) she was Team Jacob (Jacob fans are definitely in the minority.)

I was impressed with the dedication of Twilighters when Joanne told me that she had been waiting on line since midnight!

I could feel the energy of the crowd as members of their respected ‘teams’ chanted the names of their favorite characters. The rivalry between Team Edward and Team Jacob got intense as both groups tried their hardest to be louder than the other. I felt like I was in Yankee Stadium and the Red Sox were in town!

“Edward!! Edward!!” “Jacob!! Jacob!!” “Charlie!! Charlie!!”

Hold on. Charlie?? Yes, I wondered about that too.

I saw fans dressed up as Bella and Alice. Even the menacing Ero from the Volturi was represented in the crowd. I met members of -- known by their younger counterparts as “TwiMoms” -- who traveled from all over the country to make it to the event. But the best evidence of the passion and dedication of Twilighters came in the form of Twilight-related tattoos. These were definitely not rub-ons!

The venue for the event was right out of a Twilighter’s dream. The Nokia stage had banners featuring the covers of all four books in the “Twilight” series. The entire room was filled with fans, who were pumped to see one of their favorite authors and screamed at the drop of a hat.

A man is coming on stage to fix the couch. “Ahhhhh!!!!” They’re playing “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie. “Ahhhhhhh!”

Sheer pandemonium ensued when Kim Stolz finally came out to start the show. What good MC wouldn’t bring up the most asked question among Twilight fans: Team Edward or Team Jacob? The screams for Team Edward were deafening, while you could hear plenty of “Boos” amidst the “Ahhhs” for Team Jacob. C’mon people. I’m Team Edward, but give Jake some love.

When Justin Furstenfeld finally came out to play a few songs, I was about ready to pass out from excitement (Justin proclaimed he was Team Edward).

Justin’s performance could make any Twilighter swoon, and he paved the way for the star of the show, Stephenie Meyer, who came out amidst earth-shattering screams.

Stephenie, with her soothing voice and calm demeanor, seemed more like a friend or older sister than a bestselling author of vampire stories. She urged the aspiring writers in the room to keep at their craft and to write what they love. She even tried to persuade fans to love Jacob.

“He doesn’t sparkle, but he’s warm!” said Stephenie.

After the Q&A session, Justin came back out and sat next to the “Twilight” author to sing a few more songs. My favorite part of the night was when Justin sang “Hate Me.” Stephenie mentioned that the song really captured what Edward was thinking as he walked away from Bella in chapter three of “New Moon.” Boy, was she right!

I couldn’t help but sing along. It was like I could see the scene from the book right in front of me as Justin yelled out the lyrics to the song.

When the concert finally ended, Stephenie was kind enough to give out autographs to everyone in attendance. Obviously, every Twilighter was super excited… so excited in fact that a few of them fainted!

As I stood outside MTV Studios waiting for a cab, I was thinking about the hours until I picked up my pre-ordered copy of “Breaking Dawn.” I was deep in thought when all of a sudden I spotted Justin Furstenfeld smoking a cigarette across the street! I seized the opportunity (and almost got hit by a car) to tell him how awesome his performance was and to snap a picture. I just HAD to tell him how his songs melded so perfectly with the “Twilight” saga.

Other than Blue October’s songs, do you know of any other tunes that would go on your “Twilight” playlist? What did you guys think of the concert? Have you picked up your copy of “Breaking Dawn?” MTV wants you to tell us!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to my swooning and giggling…