Stephenie Meyer Sits Down With MTV, Says 'Breaking Dawn' Should Be 2 Movies

All year long, “Twilight” fans have been preparing themselves for the December movie, as well as the three sequels that will inevitably follow. But could the series actually go five movies deep?

“I really think they’d have to do five movies,” Stephenie Meyers revealed exclusively to MTV News Thursday morning, sitting down with us on the eve of her “Breaking Dawn” release and mini-tour. “Because you can’t do ‘Breaking Dawn’ in one movie, you’d have to split it up.”

Don’t worry, Twilighters – all of our “BD” coverage will remain spoiler-free over the next few days so you can grab the book and read it at your own pace. But still, Meyer said that as you read the final book in the series, you should keep your eyes peeled for the spot where Stephenie wants to separate the “Twilight 4” and “Twilight 5” movies. “And I know right where you’d do it, too,” she laughed.

Sitting down with our own Kim Stolz in New York City, Meyer had plenty to say about the pressures of finishing off the series, the immense enthusiasm of Twilighters, and the scenes from the series that she’s most eager to see committed to film.

“There’s so many things that would be interesting to see,” she said of “Twilight” sequel movies. “One of my favorite scenes of the whole series is in the tent in ‘Eclipse,’ the fire-and-ice chapter. Oh, do I want to see that! There’s a lot of things, visually, that are so much cooler than you can do in a book.”

“Bella cliff-diving would be really fun to watch,” she grinned. “Poor Kristen, the things I make her do!”

Stay tuned, as we’ll be rolling out more from our interview with Stephenie in the next 24 hours, to help you pass the time until tomorrow night! But in the meantime, would you rather see the “Twilight” filmmakers take Stephenie’s advice and make 5 movies, or stick to the 1-1 book-film ratio like most franchises do?