'Twilight' Actress Christian Serratos Chooses Team Edward

By Ashley Zimmerman

As if Comic-Con weren’t enough, now the “Twilight” stars are stepping out in style on the red carpet.

“[In 'Twilight'] I play Angela Weber, who is a human,” 17-year-old Christian Serratos said at the recent premiere of "The American Mall," an “HSM”-like romance-meets-commerce musical. “I don’t know if I’ve ever had to explain that I play a human in a film before! I’m a friend of Bella in the school in Forks, Washington. ... It was epic; [the actors] are all well-loved, and for good reason.”

Serratos told us that, like all the rest of the Twilighters out there, she’s dying to know what happens in Stephenie Meyer's fourth and final book, “Breaking Dawn,” when it comes out Friday night.

"I’ve put mine on hold at Barnes & Noble just like everybody else," Serratos said. "I’m waiting for my copy. I can’t wait to read it!”

“My favorite parts? In ‘Twilight’ it was the meadow scene,” she remembered of the special moments Meyer has already given fans thus far. “In ‘New Moon,’ I’m really looking forward to seeing the cliff dive. I’m really anxious to see how they do that [in the movie version].”

Serratos also revealed that she's finally chosen a side in the epic battle between Bella’s beaus. "I love Jacob, but if someone said I had to choose, I would definitely be sporting my ‘Team Edward’ T-shirt,” Serratos giggled.

When asked if real-life actors Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner played into her decision, she assured us that the hunky actors had no influence. "They’re both so sweet, so genuine," Serratos said. "They’re great."

Unlike many of the other actors in the film, Serratos has yet to experience any crazed Twilighter fans. "The experience in the hotel [while shooting] was pretty interesting. A lot of fans came to the hotel and came to the set," she remembered. "But I appreciate it. I’ve never encountered a crazy fan; I think they’re absolutely amazing. The fact that they put so much energy into loving the book is ridiculously amazing.”

Maybe Serratos' luck will change soon enough: Because in a few days, Angela Weber will walk into a Barnes & Noble, possibly the same one as you, to pick up her copy of “Breaking Dawn.”

If you were to see a “Twilight” star in line with you Friday night, would you bother them, or would you be able to play it cool?