Take A Bite Out Of The 'Twilight' Chocolate Bar!

Megan with the 'Twilight' chocolate barBy Megan Warner

As if the "Twilight" series wasn't addictive enough, Godiva Chocolatier has released a special chocolate bar with the cover of Stephenie Meyer's first book "Twilight" on the product's sleeve.

The label reads, "Can You Resist Temptation?" And since I'm both "Twilight" and chocolate-obsessed, my obvious answer was: No, not at all.

So, being the dedicated (understatement) Twilighter that I am, I had to find one of these bars. It may have been 10 a.m., but a chocolate breakfast seemed like a perfect start to my day! Hey, after all I was just recovering from my subway ride to work, where (like every day) I sat engrossed in Edward and Bella's ongoing saga. Eating a breakfast bar in their honor seemed only appropriate!

What I didn't expect was how hard it would be to find! The Godiva stores I called hadn't heard of it; neither had the department stores that carry Godiva. But a helpful tip from a co-worker proved rewarding: She had seen the bar at a grocery store, and after some more investigation, I found them in a New York Food Emporium. The manager there told me that several of their stores in the city had received "Godiva shipments" but hadn't opened them yet and thus were not sure it was the Twilight bar — but this particular store had the bars on its shelves, and that was all I needed to hear.

Some $5.99 later, I happily admire the pretty candy bar and munch on some creamy milk chocolate squares with my co-workers.

FYI: Barnes & Noble will also sell the chocolate bars beginning on Friday, when they release the latest book in the "Twilight" series, "Breaking Dawn," with midnight release parties.

This tasty temptation might not be cheap — and it's certainly hard to find — but you are getting Godiva's quality chocolate as a collector's item (yes, I went there), a golden candy bar that just might put Willy Wonka to shame ...

So now that you know, can you resist temptation?