'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' Images Revealed!

Only hours before the debut of the first "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" trailer (we'll have it right here VERY soon) and we've got your first look at three newly released images. Enough to tide us over for these few minutes at least, right?

You think the Harry Potter movies are all about Harry Potter? You think he's the only poor orphan who started manifesting strange and potentially dangerous powers at a young age only to discover he was actually a wizard and would get to go to Hogwarts and escape his miserable life? "Half-Blood Prince" is where you start to realize that Harry is a lot like Lord Voldemort -- and by understanding how the Dark Lord came to be is the best way to defeat him. Kind of like "Star Wars" and its treatment of Anakin Skywalker as a kid and teenager, but much, much better. So how does Harry learn all this? From Dumbledore's handy dandy memory collection, which he pours in the Pensieve.

While Dumbledore poured many a memory drink for Harry in the book, the film cuts the boy wizard off at two or three. So we'll get to see Dumbledore visit a young Voldy -- when he was just known as Tom Riddle -- in the orphanage, where he was dumped even though he wasn't technically an orphan (dead witch mother, very much alive Muggle father). This is where his hatred of Muggles begins -- even though he doesn't know the circumstances of his birth, he knows he's unwanted, since Dumbledore is the first person who's come to visit him. In a neat bit of casting, Tom is played by Hero Finnes Tiffin -- he's the nephew of Ralph Fiennes (who plays Voldemort), so the resemblance is there. Young Tom reveals a bit too much in his first talk with Dumbledore, which later helps the elderly wizard and his protege (watching the memory in the Pensieve) figure out where Voldy might have stashed some important stuff. Not without some security measures, however.

What was a little kid's secret space -- a cave near the beach where the orphange kids got to have an outing -- becomes a death trap for anyone who might want to invade his space later in life. The cave scene promises to be epic -- with zombie-like Inferi who Dumbledore has to fight off with a firestorm, just as he's fighting for his very life, since he's just been poisoned as well. If you think Dumbledore has it rough there, just wait until you see the final battle of the film -- perhaps some of it will be teased in the trailer to be released tonight.