If A 'Twilight' Star Were Standing Next To You, What Would You Ask Them?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartBy Ashley Zimmerman

As many of you Twilighters out there know, simultaneously dreaming of Edward Cullen and trying to keep current on all the "Twilight" news is a full-time job. And we just took live another new Twilight Tuesday here, called "Ten Things Comic-Con Taught Us About ‘Twilight'."

Luckily for me, as an intern here at MTV News – home of the one and only "Twilight" deity Larry Carroll – I had already been bitten by it all before I began working here. Since then, MTV has brought me one step closer to the stars of "Twilight" (I met Cam Gigandet yesterday!) and made December 12th seem that much closer. And as a good Twilighter, I want to pass along my access to all of you.

A few months ago, MTV ran a Blog item asking for your questions for the stars, and we've been using them to create stories like this one and this one. But since then, we've all learned so much new information from the trailers, clips, Twilight Tuesdays and everything else.

Now we're gearing up for the home stretch of parties, premieres and junkets, and don't want to be asking the same "What's it like to be a vampire?" questions as all the other news outlets. We know you guys are hardcore, and over the next few months we expect to interview many of the following names:

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Rachelle Lefevre

Jackson Rathbone

Kellan Lutz

Ashley Greene

Michael Welch

Justin Chon

Nikki Reed

Anna Kendrick

Peter Facinelli

Elizabeth Reaser

Gil Birmingham

Sarah Clarke

Edi Gathegi

Billy Burke

Solomon Trimble

Christian Serratos

So, we want to ask everything you guys are dying to know: What's the deal with the Cullen family crest? Whose side is Kristen Stewart really on, Team Edward or Team Jacob? When can we expect "Midnight Sun"? And lastly, since we Twilighters are spoiled with Twilight Tuesdays here at MTV, I'm already looking forward to the DVD – so, which extras do you want us to ask about, or even recommend to them?

Last time Larry asked you guys what you were dying to know, we received over 2,000 responses, and I can't wait to see how high you get the total this time! But, as spectacular as that was, many of your questions were duplicates. So please read through the questions before posting, and think about questions that have already been asked, so that we can get answers to as many of your new posts as possible. Be sure to post your name (or Internet handle), and you might see it on the air. Also, the best questions are those for specific people, like this:

"For Peter Facinelli: If you could be any kind of a tree, which one would you be?"

Larry and I are both very committed to keeping Twilight Tuesday your favorite day of the week, but do try to refrain from the "Will you ask Robert Pattinson to marry me?!" questions – besides, I get first dibs anyway.