Will the 'Evil Dead' Rise Again? Sam Raimi Says: 'Yes'

Evil DeadSure, there are always plenty of guys in Spider-Man and Venom tights every year, practicing their acrobatics in the hallways at San Diego’s Comic-Con. But whenever A-list director Sam Raimi comes to the annual convention, one costume impresses him more than any other.

“There’s guys dressed up as Ash!” he marveled, making reference to the star character from the movies that put him on Hollywood’s radar more than twenty-five years ago. “That’s great. Wow. I’m honored that they’re still imitating Bruce’s character from the “Evil Dead” movies.”

With that in mind, we had to press Raimi on the one question every one of those die-hards would want to ask. If Sam were a betting man, would he place his money on the notion that we’ll someday see one more “Evil Dead” film?

“Yes,” he answered simply. Almost so simply, in fact, that I nearly dropped the microphone.

“For the few weirdoes that see the ‘Evil Dead’ movies - and it’s not a very big crowd if you ever look at those numbers, but they’re very dedicated,” he laughed. “I’d love to make another ‘Evil Dead’ picture.”

Raimi was in town this year showing some truly horrifying footage from “Drag Me to Hell,” a May 2009 film that many are already touting as the director’s return to those twisted movies he made out in the woods with geek god Campbell all those years ago. But what, exactly, will it take for Sam to once again blow the dust off the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis?

“If the financing ever fell in place right,” Raimi explained, making it sound like movement could be coming sooner rather than later. “But first, I’d have to work on the script with my brother [Ivan Raimi]. And that’s something I’m hoping to find the time to do.”

Would you like to see Ash return for one more adventure? What plot ideas would you recommend to the Raimi brothers?

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