The 'Twilight' Cast Offers A Comic-Con Message To The Fans

Sometimes, the two best words in the English language are the simplest ones: "Thank" and "You."

Now that Comic-Con 2008 is in the rearview mirror, one memory will remain for quite some time: The resounding gratitude "Twilight" fans showed to Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke and the actors hard at work on making a film of the beloved, dog-eared tome Twilighters carry with them as if it were photos of their loved ones.

Now, the stars would like to return the favor. Just hit "play" to get a little taste of Cam Gigandet, Catherine, Stephenie and Robert Pattinson saying "thank you" to the Twilighters.

So pat yourself on the back, keep watching for more Twilight Tuesdays, and then get ready for the movie hitting theaters December 12th. By then, there should be so much shared love going around that it’ll make Edward and Bella’s romance pale in comparison.

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