EXCLUSIVE: 'Robocop' Reboot To Be Rated R, Producer Promises

robocopSeventeen years after his last big-screen incarnation, "Robocop" will finally make his way back to theaters in 2010, thanks to a Darren Aronofsky-directed fourth film.

Will it be a direct sequel? A reboot? Will it star Peter Weller? You can find the answers to those and other questions here.

But judging from internet chatter, the most persistent question fans have about the hitherto secretive project isn't why Robocop is coming back to theaters, but what he'll do when he gets there. Hopefully, the implication goes, it includes a lot (and we mean A LOT) of killing.

Released in 1987, the first film in the series was originally given an X rating by the MPAA, until director Paul Verhoeven trimmed out some blood and gore to qualify for a hard R. So will the new "Robocop" be similarly bloody? Or will it go for a safer PG-13?

"Well I was involved with the original ‘Robocop,' and it was an R, and the likelihood is that this will be an R," producer Mike Medavoy told MTV News. "It's likely to be an R unless the director cuts back on some of it."

That director being Aronofsky, it's unlikely he'll pull any punches. Initial trepidation, in fact, didn't center around his vision, but on the possibility the film would be in 3D. If it's in 3D, the argument goes, that alone necessitates skewing younger.

Medavoy is adamant 3D hasn't even been discussed.

"I don't think that's even come up," he said.

Read our preview of the new "Robocop" here and let us know: Are you excited the film will be in R? Think Aronofsky is the right director for the project? Think the character is still cool? You have one directive citizen: Sound off below.