BREAKING: Wes Craven Admits To 'Scream 4’ Talks

Neve CampbellEight years after the "Scream" trilogy seemed to conclude, there are more and more signs pointing to a resurrection of the franchise. And director Wes Craven says he's up for it, but it would have to be on his terms.

"My last experience [with the Weinsteins] was kind of rough with "Cursed" so it would have to be under very very controlled circumstances," he revealed to MTV News while promoting his new film for Rogue during Comic-Con, "25/8." "Cursed" of course was indeed a very troubled production. Massive re-shoots and battles over various cuts ended with a financial and critical dud meekly passing through theaters for a virtual instant.

The news of a new "Scream" film isn't altogether surprising. Just recently it was reported that the Weinstein would begin developing a fourth installment. But it is news that Craven would potentially be a part of it. Clearly watching his words very carefully, Craven told MTV News, "There has been talk between Bob Weinstein and me about doing another 'Scream.'" Pausing a moment and the master horror director smiled, "I don't know whether that's been made public so I'll deny this. I never said it!" Sorry Wes, we have it on tape.

Don't line up for the theater just yet though. Contrary to various rumors over the years, Craven does not have a storyline in mind. He does know however who he and the Weinsteins would turn to for the next tale. "It would be with [original "Scream" screenwriter] Kevin [Williamson]. Bob [Weisntein] always liked that combination.

Hasn't Sidney Prescott been through enough?!? What more can they do with the "Scream" characters? Sound off on whether you want a fourth installment.

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