Breaking News: James Franco Joins Mark Ruffalo In 'Sympathy For Delicious'

James FrancoReports about the end of James Franco's acting career have been greatly exaggerated, the 30-year-old told MTV News, smiling broadly, insisting, contrary to earlier statements, that just because he was going back to school, it didn't mean he was going to stop making movies.

His next post-"Pineapple Express" project, in fact, has him singing with excitement. Literally.

"Mark Ruffalo is gonna direct his first movie and he wants me to play a singer in a rock band," Franco revealed. "It's called 'Sympathy for Delicious.'"

The project, a "drama that's got comedy in it," as Franco described it, has been kicking around since at least 2004, when Ruffalo mentioned the film while doing press for "13 Going on 30."

Based on Franco's comments, it would seem the film might finally be a go. But just who the heck is Delicious, anyway, and why should we have sympathy for him?

"DJ Delicious. He's a DJ," Franco clarified. "This DJ character was written for [Mark's] friend who's actually paraplegic in real life, Chris Thornton, and he's this DJ that has kind of a gift. He joins up with my band and then starts getting more attention than me, the lead singer. So I start getting upset about that."

What do you think? Excited we'll see much more of Franco? Think the idea of a paraplegic SOB DJ could play? Sound off below.