Pixar Eyeing 'Monsters, Inc.' Sequel, Says Film's Director

'Monsters, Inc.'They did it with “Toy Story” twice. They’re doing it with “Cars” next. They’ve been rumored to want to do it with “The Incredibles” for years. Pixar is officially in the sequel business these days, with further installments of some of their most popular franchises in the works.

So how come we never hear about “Monsters, Inc. 2”?

“We’ve thought about it,” “Monsters, Inc.” director Pete Docter told MTV News about the possibility for a sequel. “We’ve got a couple ideas.”

In the moment, those ideas are being filtered into a “Monsters, Inc” roller-coaster at the Walt Disney Resorts, which should open in a couple of years.

But a movie? Docter’s revelation, of course, is a far cry from an actual announcement. Or is it? When I followed up with Docter about the nature of the ideas all he would say is “I can neither confirm nor deny.” (And he did it in a nervous voice). Is it a denial? A non-denial denial? An admission we’re on to something?

So what do you think? Is Docter hiding something? What do you think about the possibility of another “Monsters Inc.”? What would you like to see? Enter the right scare floor door, and sound off below!