Jeremy Piven Nixes 'Entourage' Movie, Reveals Details Of Fifth Season

jeremy piven“Sex and the City” did it. “Da Ali G Show” did it too (well, kinda). “The Sopranos” have been rumored to want to do it for years. Given the seeming inevitability these days of hot HBO properties becoming movies, why is it that we haven’t ever heard anything about a possible big-screen “Entourage.”

Cause it probably ain’t ever going to happen, Jeremy Piven insisted.

“We’ve never discussed an ‘Entourage’ movie and I think we have a few years left in us [on TV]. We’re just about to finish our fifth season and it does feel like our best yet,” Piven told MTV News. “So I think we have a few more years and then if they’re not sick of us, maybe we’ll do a movie.”

Maybe’s not much, but it’s better than an outright no, and it’s enough to have Piven excited by the possibilities, however long-term they might be.

“It would be amazing,” Piven said of doing a movie. “I think it would be really fun.”

Take note “Entourage” writers, he’s even got a few ideas for what he’d like to see happen to super-agent Ari Gold.

“I just got to play him peaking on mushrooms. We shot an episode where he goes to Joshua Tree with the entire group, and Vinny has to decide whether or not to do a G Rated movie To play a character that is so tightly wound and then unraveled, [that’s awesome],” Piven said, revealing details of the upcoming fifth season. “So there’s a lot of things I’d love to do with Ari Gold [in a movie]. A complete breakdown. Start there.”

Disheartened by the news that there’s no “Entourage” movie planned? Would you want to wait until after the show ends? And, if so, what would you like to see in a big-screen adaptation? Hug it out, and sound off below!