Outkast Make Appearance In 'Rock N Rolla'...Well, Sort Of.

They sing, they dance, they produce, heck, they even act. But now the boys of OutKast can add an even more impressive title to their resumes: muses.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi (nee Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton, respectively) won’t actually appear in Guy Ritchie’s newest crime drama, “Rock n Rolla,” but two characters, music managers played by Jeremy Piven and Ludacris, WERE based on the outlandish and talented duo, Piven revealed to MTV News.

“He did, he did pattern it on them,” Piven said of his character in the film. “[My character] was originally written as a black character, it was kind of an homage in a way to Andre 3000 and Big Boi from a video from back in the day that Guy had seen.”

The characters, managers whose “livelihood ultimately depends on whether or not we can find our ex-client, the real rock n rolla in the movie,” Piven explained, weave through the movie’s many subplots running in and out of trouble. All fine and good, but given that the duo were based on Outkast, how in the world did Ritchie wind up with Piven?

“Guy had no real reference for ‘Entourage’ or any of the stuff I’ve done, so I could kind of have a clean slate with this guy, which was beautiful,” Piven smiled. “I grew up in Chicago being one of the only white boys in most situations so for me to play a role – it becomes a color blind sort of situation. I wasn’t playing it as a black character.

“For lack of a better term, then,” Piven added, grinning. “He has that kind of energy. He has ‘flava.’”

“Rock n Rolla” opens Halloween Day.