Be Warned: 'Mirrors' Director Alexandre Aja Wants To Unleash His 'Piranha' On Drunk Spring Breakers

It's been 30 years since Joe Dante unleashed "Piranha" on an unsuspecting public. Well if audiences then were taken aback by the film's absurd blend of horror and comedy they ain't seen nothing yet because "High Tension" director Alexandre Aja wants to assault your senses in wall to wall 3D with his upcoming re-imagining.

"It's going to be unique because it’s going to be completely in 3D," the youthful Frenchman told MTV News at Comic-Con. Completely in 3D?!? And I'm still getting over those few scenes shot in IMAX for "The Dark Knight." "I think people don’t realize the effect of all the elements coming out from the screen at you. It’s very traumatic," told us, his eyes filled with glee.

Aja explained that his take will be a unique one, owing little if at all to the 1978 original. "It’s a completely new take on the original. It's not a remake at all." Asked about the storyline he's concocted this time out, Aja said "It’s a very simple storyline that will allow me to do a straightforward, big gory movie. There’s an earthquake that releases prehistoric piranhas during Spring Break. You’ll see thousands of drunk kids getting hit by Piranhas." Wow. He had me at prehistoric piranhas. How about you?

So does he have any stars lined up yet? Aja laughed and said, "The fish are the stars of my movie."