Comic-Con Day 2: 'Warriors,' 'Wolverine' And ... Tom Waits?

Hugh Jackman & Stan LeeBy Benjamin Wagner

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Holy superhero-strewn hallways, our first full-day at Comic-Con was in-sane!

We snuck on board Zack Snyder's Owl ship and debuted Robert Rodriguez's "Red Sonja' poster. We were there when Twilighters ran one-mile deep, and star Robert Pattison was greeted like Elvis. And we were there when Wolverine bumped into Stan Lee, and Paris premiered her rock opera.

Already today we've gotten a sneak peek of the new "Warriors" comic, uncovered a mysterious Robert Rodriguez project and uncovered a tiny bit of "Terminator: Salvation" news.

But you ain't seen nothin' yet. Head 's over to Splash Page to find out what's in store for Comic-Con Day Two...

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