Hanging With The ‘Twilight’ Crew Backstage At Comic-Con

So, in case you haven’t heard, Thursday’s “Twilight” panel at Comic-Con was a huge honkin’ success. And just moments before Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart and all the rest went on stage, I got together with the stars in a private room upstairs to interview people like Robert Pattinson But since Hall H was the hardest ticket at Comic-Con to obtain, you might be wondering how I was able to get from one place to another in mere moments.

The answer is simple: “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.”

Do you remember that classic scene where Pee-Wee is trying to get onto the Warner Bros. lot to get his bicycle back? As he’s trying to figure out a plan to get past security, he sees the immortal Milton Berle walking towards the gate with a huge entourage. After a moment of inspiration, he jumps into the small group and pretends to laugh at Berle’s jokes while they all walk on in together. Instant access.

Don’t tell anybody, but you’d be surprised at how often this works in real life. Long story short, for a few brief moments I jumped into a crowd of “Twilight” actors and VIPs and very politely stayed out of their way while walking along quickly with them and trying my best to look way more important than I am. I rode on an elevator next to Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke! Moments later, the mini-parade had made its way backstage at Hall H, and some of the nice stars like Taylor Lautner were going out of their way to come over and say hello to me.

A minute later, they all went on stage and I ducked quietly into a seat to watch the show, allowing us t MTV to bring you both the panel report and our own 1-on-1 interviews. Whew! Hope you enjoy them, I had so much fun talking with all the Twilighters I saw yesterday, and don’t forget: When life offers you an obstacle, always look to Paul Reubens for advice on what to do in any given situation. Well, okay, maybe not all the time.

Alright, Twilighters: We just posted our new Q & A with Robert Pattinson. So, would you rather see him dressed up like Spider-Man, Batman…or Charlie Chaplin?