'Twilight' Fans Stretch One-Mile Deep At Comic-Con

Larry Carroll With Twilight FansIt isn't coming out for six more months, has no major stars, and is based on a literary property that is only now becoming a household name. Regardless, "Twilight" has invaded San Diego's Comic-Con in a major way, and there is little doubt today that it has become the Con's most in-demand event.

But it isn't coming without a few speed bumps.

What went wrong, plus video, after the jump...

Thousands of fans stretched nearly a mile, many of them lining up Wednesday evening, to get into Hall H today for today's "Twilight" panel. A quick walk down the line spotted many fans with T-shirts shouting "Twilight Moms," "I'm Dazzled" and other Cullen-inspired phrases.

As the fans stood in the blazing San Diego sun, however, there were a few things they didn't know. Moments earlier, a banner reportedly collapsed in Hall H, pulling down some dangerous hanging materials. It sent dozens fleeing the area, and sent at least one person to the hospital, reportedly with a concussion.

While the Con organizers scrambled to fix the Hall hangings, rumors also swirled that some of the "Twilight" stars had been delayed by the parking lot once known as a highway that leads to San Diego.

Undeterred, the "Twilight" faithful held their positions, although thousands were likely to be turned away from the 6500-capacity hall. With dreams of catching a glimpse of Spunk Ransom in person, they showed Hollywood what a resilient crowd they can be.

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