Check Out The Midnight Madness For 'The Dark Knight'

By Andrew Ross Rowe

Step aside, Chewbacca-costume-wearing tall guy. Make way, sorta-looks-like-Santa-Claus Gandalf impersonator. The Batman fans are out in full effect!

Everyone from the Caped Crusader himself to the Joker to Poison Ivy showed up to stand in line at midnight for the opening-night showing of "The Dark Knight."

But why not see the movie at a normal time, rather than on a weekday in the middle of the night? I suppose it's moot to ask someone who's wearing full regalia from a comic book. At least I took advantage and shot some video!

I love the excitement that costumes bring. Halloween is my favorite holiday. The energy that fans brought triggered tons of applause and chanting before, during and after the movie. Who needs cheerleaders for the main event when you have hyped-up fans?

I'm really proud to say this was my first opening night. Oh, and I think "The Dark Knight" only lived up to 75 percent of the hype and Aaron Eckhart was really underestimated. Too much Heath promotion! Did I say too much?

Who do you think had the best costume? Tell us below!